IOPC Appeals Form

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IOPC Appeals Form

Please use this secure online form if you if you are unhappy about the outcome of your complaint, or about how your complaint has been handled. Whether your case will be handled as an appeal or a review depends on the date your complaint was recorded by the police force/other organisation. When we receive your form, we will decide whether the case is a review or appeal.

Before you start, please ensure you have your final complaint outcome letter from the force as you will need to send this to us along with this application form. If the force sent the outcome letter to you as an electronic document, please attach it to this form before you click 'submit'. Alternatively, you can send us screenshots or photos of the letter - but please make sure you send us every page of the letter and not just the first page. It would also be helpful to receive the following, which you can upload or attach in the same way:

• A copy of your original complaint to the police force
• Copies of any correspondence received from the force, including the investigation or complaint handler's report.

The IOPC must receive your appeal or application for review within 28 days from the day after the date stated on your outcome letter. For example, if your letter is dated 1 April, you have to make sure we receive your appeal by 29 April. If your appeal / request for review is being made outside of this timeframe (out of time), please provide us with any reasons for the delay so we can consider if we're able to proceed with your application.

If you are using a shared computer, to protect your privacy clear your browsing history, including your cache and all autofill form data, after submitting this complaint form.

Please note, it’s not possible for you to save your progress through this form and return to it later. If you wish to complete the online form over an extended time, we recommend you download the hard copy versions from our appeals/reviews page. You can then consider your responses before completing the form.